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"" has been developped by Gilles Passedat, founder and manager of the company CLAVIS. Created in 2001, CLAVIS is specialized in optical engineering.

By grouping most of the basic calculations required for starting an engineering project in optics, "" enables to save time and improve reliability. The website was first dedicated to internal use in CLAVIS. It is now available to all users ( students, teachers, engineers, technicians, researchers, etc...) interested by handy optical simulation. CLAVIS is fully opened to their remarks and suggestions for improving its calculation tool.

Basic information

legal form : S.A.R.L. ( joint stock company with a capital of 20 000 euros )
Adress : 29 Boulevard Marius Thomas - 13007 Marseille - France
Registration number at the RCS of Marseille : 438 212 607
VAT number : FR34438212607

Studies and work experience of Gilles passedat

- graduate from the "Institut d'optique Graduate School" ( Paris - France ),

- PHD in optoelectronic at the "Université de Paris Sud" ( Paris - France ) on "mode hops free" tunable laser diodes and improvment of spatial and spectral coherence of power laser diodes,

- 20 years of engineering, R&D and R&D management in many fields of photonics ( laser, laser diode, optoelectronic, fiber optic, photometry, geometrical and physical optics, optomechanic ) for various industrial areas ( microelectronic, medical, environment, metrology, telecommunication, defense, etc... ),

- senior lecturer in optics at the "Institut Universitaire de Technologie" ( Marseille - France ).

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