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"" is a useful online tool enabling quick computation in the main fields of photonics : geometrical optics, physical optics, laser, fiber optic, photometry and optoelectronic. "" includes basic calculations as well as more advanced one like coupling efficiency in a fiber optic, laser beam shaping, aberration calculations, etc...

By providing actually 275 handy computation pages ( including 85 without necessary login ), "" is the most complete online service dedicated to experts as well as beginners in optics.

"" is useful for engineers, researchers, technicians, teachers and students for setting up an experimentation, choosing optical components, making a feasibility study or an early optical design, understanding experimental results, writing, correcting or preparing an exam, etc...

Passes are free and working for 30 days.

"" has been developped to make you save time and money. We are still working on a new version of this website with improved ergonomy and larger calculation portfolio that we hope to upload as soon as possible.

Your feedback is important for improving our service and meet your expectations. We rely on you to give us your comments and suggestions.

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