Advanced features

ADVANCED CALCULATIONS is designed for the analysis/optimization of optical components and systems. It offers a wide range of possibilities. For instance, non spherical surfaces (aspherical, biconics, gratings,...) and tilted/decentered surfaces can be simulated. Laser to fiber coupling calculations are possible as well as transmission computations with different kind of light sources including grey bodies. Many options for calculation and display are available as well as contextual support features.

Main analysis features:

  • 2D ray tracing
  • 3D ray tracing
  • Spot diagram
  • Full field spot diagram
  • Ray aberration
  • Encircled energy
  • Distortion
  • Wave Front error (WFE)
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
  • Point Spread Function (PSF)
  • Vignetting
  • Transmitted flux
  • Laser beam propagation
  • Best focus
  • Laser beam coupling in fiber optics
  • Optimization
  • Constrained optimization (new!)
  • ZEMAX translator
  • Longitudinal chromatism
  • Paraxial conjugation...

Main input capabilities:

  • Spherical and non spherical surfaces
  • Off-axis optical systems
  • Obturations
  • Ideal lenses
  • Glass catalogs
  • Lenses and mirrors catalogs
  • Prisms and gratings catalogs (new!)
  • Quick entry (new!)
  • Automatic positionning features (new!)
  • Various sources
  • Black/grey bodies
  • Display and calculation options...