OPTICAL-CALCULATION is an essential tool for engineers, researchers, technicians and students who have to carry out developments in photonic instrumentation, whether they are previously non-users, beginners, occasionnal users or regular users of optical software.

User friendly and offering functionnalities in many additionnal fields to geometrical optic (radiometry, optoelectronics, fiber optics, polarization, interference, laser,etc.), it is very suitable for feasibility studies, prototype or experimental bench designs, conceptual designs, components sizing, etc. Based on a novel concept mixing an optical software (ADVANCED CALCULATIONS) with a large number of calculation pages in a broad range of photonics (HANDY CALCULATIONS), it allows to quickly and fully solve a problem online.

Basic and complex functionalities are available with reduced learning thanks to a simple interface, numerous contextual support tools and tutorials.

Automatic surface positionning features and quick entry interface avoid wasting time when entering/modifying even complex systems and doesn't reaquets any preliminary calculations.

Moreover, the USER CASES SOLVER takes advantage of the 2 modules (ADVANCED/HANDY CALCULATIONS) and can automate calculation/simulation sequences to solve in 1 click complete problems that could take hours or days to experts. It is also accessible to non experts and can provide them solutions to complex problems with very limited learning.

The USER CASES SOLVER can apply in many different fields and each solver is implemented and uploaded on user demand. We are always interested in developing new solutions and invite users to submit us their application.

To sum up, with extended capabilities, customized tools, reduced learning time and very affordable price, OPTICAL-CALCULATION is a risk free, user oriented and cost-effective simulation implement, even for occasional use.