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Your on line optical software and calculation tool in photonics

Perform optical simulations and calculations in photonics online. Benefit also from the numerous support features that make the application tailored for experts as well as beginners in optics.

Two different tools are proposed:

  • HANDY CALCULATIONS for quick computation in photonics
  • ADVANCED CALCULATIONS for complete optical system analysis

OPTICAL-CALCULATION covers almost all fields of photonics including geometrical optics. It makes it possible to deal with many cases of photonics, whether theoretical or applied. Among other things, it allows:

  • To size, specify or choose a photonic component (lens, laser, incoherent source, detector, fiber optic,...)
  • To set up an experimentation from the source to the detector
  • To predict or understand an experimental result
  • To analyze a commercial or custom optical system
  • To carry out or speed-up a feasibility study
  • To carry out or speed-up a preliminary design...

OPTICAL-CALCULATION includes both basic and advanced functionnalities. Therefore, it is tailored for experts as well as beginners in optics. It offers many support features including tutorials for a better understanding of photonics and a better use of the application. It is suitable for a large number of users including:

  • Researchers
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Consultants
  • Students...

The objective of OPTICAL-CALCULATION is to satisfy and help the greatest number of users with the most suitable service possible. It aims for constantly evolve to best meet customer expectations. Its main advantages are:

  • A wide coverage of photonics
  • Numerous calculation and simulation possibilities
  • A large number of tutorials and contextual support features
  • A reactive customized support with direct help in solving user case studies
  • A user-friendly interface
  • An affordable cost
  • Interactivity with users based on permanent upload of new features and calculations on users demands...

Our primary objective is to satisfy all users by offering a tailor-made support. Thus, we commit to:

  • directly help users in solving their use case,
  • put on line, as far as possible, calculations and features requested by users.

We also want to create a permanent link with users and offer a growing number of new services in the form of calculations, tutorials, videos and other features based on their demands.

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