service in optical instrumentation

CLAVIS company, which develops the software optical-calculation, has been offering optical engineering services since 2004. We carry out projects related to various applications including sensing, imaging, lighting, material processing... and are involved in all steps of a product/process or experimental set up development.

Our services include feasibility studies, engineering studies, optical and mechanical designs, integration and tests, reverse engineering, technical advises...

Missions range from simple and quick studies taking a few hours to comprehensive projects spread over several months.

We support numerous projects covering various domains like microelectronics, medical, green industry, energy, telecom, security, defense, manufacturing, laser, space, nuclear, automotive, consumer applications, research, etc.

With over 50 projects under its belt with startups, SMEs, large industrial groups and research laboratories, CLAVIS has gained extensive experience in the field of optical instrumentation. Among its clients are TOTAL Energies, TELEDYNE E2V, CNRS, PELLENC ST, CANAL+,...

The longest collaboration occured in the "Port Plugs and Diagnostics Division" of ITER organization targetting to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear fusion as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy. In this frame, CLAVIS has, among other things, contributed to the conceptual designs of the IVVS (In Vessel Viewing System) and IVLS (In Vessel Lighting System).

Don't hesitate to contact us for any engineering project in the field of optical instrumentation, we will be happy to respond to your requests. contact us.