user case solver resume

Developing a new product, a new process or a new experiment involving photonics requests in general different calculation and simulation sequences to be run in a certain order.

For instance, finding an optimum configuration for coupling a laser beam into a fiber optics or estimating the Signal To Noise Ratio obtained on a camera pixel knowing the light source, the scene and the imaging system require a number of calculation/simulation steps using both the HANDY CALCULATIONS and the ADVANCED CALCULATIONS tools and that are not necessary obvious for the user.

Hopefully, USER CASE SOLVER is an interactive online guide for solving problems in photonics. It consists of a page containing all the information and links to the tools necessary to solve a given problem.

This page contains, among other things, the sequence of calculations/simulations to be performed, the links to the various calculation and modeling pages to be used, the necessary explanations for entering the input parameters...

Using the USER CASE SOLVER allows to significantly speed up developments, minimize errors probability and overcome possible blocking shortcomings.

USER CASE SOLVER is mostly produced and uploaded on users demand. Therefore, do not hesitate to send us your needs!

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