user case solver resume

Developing a new product, a new process or a new experiment involving photonics requests in general different calculation and simulation sequences to be run in a certain order.

For instance, finding an optimum configuration for coupling a laser beam into a fiber optics or estimating the Signal To Noise Ratio obtained on a camera pixel knowing the light source, the scene and the imaging system require a number of calculation/simulation steps using both the HANDY CALCULATIONS and the ADVANCED CALCULATIONS tools, that can be long to realize and that are not necessary obvious for the user.

The USER CASES SOLVER takes advantage of the 2 modules (ADVANCED/HANDY CALCULATIONS) and automates calculation/simulation sequences to solve in 1 click complete problems that could take hours or days to experts. It is also accessible to non experts and can provide them solutions to complex problems with very limited learning.

The USER CASES SOLVER allows to significantly speed up developments, minimize errors probability and overcome possible blocking shortcomings.

It can apply in many different fields and each solver is mostly produced on demand. We are always interested in developing new solutions and invite users to submit us their application.